How Do I Join MAD Sim Racing Endurance?

Our means of joining the team have differed over the years, but in 2023 we are simplifying it to this: Join the Discord link above and reach out in the Endurance Introduction/Endurance Vetting channels after choosing Discord roles. Our crew will be able to actively reach out to you from there!

Where Does MAD Sim Racing Endurance Compete?

Our huge effort comes year round in the iRacing Special Events, from the Daytona 24, through Bathurst, Sebring, Nurburgring, Watkins Glen, Spa, Road Atlanta, and Suzuka – we also target hosted events and series such as Majors’ 24HR Le Mans event and MTEC.

Can I Find a Team?

MAD Sim Racing Endurance has several drivers of varied experience levels, from around the world. We have found that good people, regardless of present ability, can find a team and are not left out of events! MAD Sim Racing’s senior drivers own a multitude of MAD Sim Racing titled teams on iRacing, and will be there to set up liveries and make sure the team knows what to do.

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