Mad Sim Racing

Founded by brothers Bradley and Tyler Beamon, MAD Sim Racing began in some of the earliest days of competitive sim racing, beginning with the Papyrus NASCAR 2K3 era. In the early 2000’s, the small team competed in oval league racing at various popular weekly series. As N2K3 began to age, a new opportunity arose from the developers in iRacing. With iRacing, the two began the first serious effort at learning road racing, while also competing on virtual ovals as well. This laid the early groundwork for what has become MAD Sim Racing Endurance, as the ability of iRacing advanced into Team Racing and Endurance Racing.

After some time of fluctuating sim racing activity for the two, the most serious effort at sim racing yet began anew in 2020. MAD Sim Racing ramped up all programs, and saw an early class of drivers join to compete in a variety of cars. The 2020 iRacing Le Mans 24 saw the team’s internally historic debut in a 24 hour event. From there, growth has been near constant, with over fifty drivers throughout the years.

In Fall 2020, MSR expanded further: The Into The Apex Podcast was born, a weekly show covering real and virtual motorsport. Since, the show has travelled from the Indy 500, Rolex 24, Petit Le Mans, and across the mid-west and eastern United States to cover motorsports. At the same time, MAD Sim Racing expanded into Series Racing with the MSR Road Challenge, as well as hosting special events on iRacing.

The group remains an active hub for sim racing, a community that gathers around shared passion. Lifelong friendships have formed here.

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