The Unstoppable MSR Oval Program

Virtual oval racing is in the DNA of MAD Sim Racing. When the team began as a two person attempt at noticeable competition in sim racing, oval racing was all there really was; it was the most to aspire to in serious league competition. These were the NASCAR 2K3 days in the early 2000’s. Since then, iRacing has brought the highest stakes possible. Countless drivers have sought to rise to the higher levels of competition in the NASCAR iRacing Series, and at it’s height, the eNASCAR Coca-Cola Series. In the rise of MAD Sim Racing, with it’s tight knit family of drivers, yet openness to drivers to join the ranks if only they are dedicated enough, road racing seemed to be the bulls-eye for the entire organization. However since–at least–2022, or earlier, the MAD Sim Racing Oval Program has quietly been grinding away into a distinct iRacing name.

I think that our results speak for themselves. We had a bit of a slow start to the season with out Intermediate package, but we have made significant gains with out short track and road course package. As a team, we have continued to push each other to get better. There’s still a long way to go in the season, but we are off to a strong start.

Cody Richardson, MSR OVAL CREW CHIEF

The team began in iRacing with the long-running Cyber Thunder Racing League, earning now a two-season streak of championship racing in the league’s top Cup series, from driver’s Andrew Kotska and Cody Richardson. Richardson, the Oval Program Crew Chief and a rising oval setup engineer, continues to bring home regular wins in the Cyber Thunder Cup Series, as well as oval racing everywhere on iRacing. A core of MAD Sim Racing veterans are indeed working almost nightly on the NASCAR iRacing Series (NiS) with in-house engineered setups that have brought the team acclaim not only in the official NiS upper splits, but in series such as The Majors. Sim racing fans need only watch a given LSR TV broadcast of a Majors event to find proof of this program and its stellar setup engineering on the map of one of the biggest leagues in the world.

MAD Sim Racing drivers have already marked ongoing achievements in the 2023 oval racing season, with drivers Cody Richardson, Andrew Kotska, Dan Keane, and Jerry Isaacs showing results in Cyber Thunder, NiS upper splits, and elsewhere. In the world of eNASCAR, where high level teams with presumably well funded programs show up with the latest virtual oval talent, MAD Sim Racing and the Oval Program Drivers and Engineers are here to grind away, to be seen on the track — to show anyone and everyone that the Blue, Yellow, Black livery of MAD Sim Racing will fight until the last lap.

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