December News and Notes


The MAD Sim Racing Road Challenge Series has constantly evolved, with each season bringing a new formula to test a community of amateur to pro road course drivers to their own limits. 2022 saw the series undoubtedly peak, with near maxed out entries at times, full season quality broadcasts by Chris Wold and CTBN, and lively points battles by drivers and teams. Series Director Jerry Isaacs has put great thought and care into cultivating as quality and competitive a road racing experience as can be found on the service. As the clock runs to 00:00 in the season 7 finale in December, the credits will play on the Series, and a chapter of league racing will change. MAD Sim Racing will be concluding its project of organising league racing, bringing the MAD Sim Racing Endurance and Oval Team efforts back to full focus in 2023, as well as the Podcast and Media ventures of Into The Apex which is closely connected to MSR. Monday night racing will remain, with loosely organised community racing to be scheduled with the Toyota GR and Mazda MX-5, where the emphasis will be on fun and camaraderie rather than intense competition.


Evolution of another sort carries on in our community media projects. Work has been ongoing and is progressing on an all-new Into The Apex Motorsport Podcast Network. Over the past month, we have invested in more features and improvements in how the flagship Into The Apex Podcast is produced, and with that comes the opportunity to add more, unique programming, in a team effort. Sim Racing and Motorsport enthusiasts from around North America and globally have the opportunity to come together to share in our combined passion. Our partners at The Wrong Stuff Racing League will kick off the Network with the new WSRL Podcast, covering the WSRL Leagues/Events and Sim Racing with Dre Divacs and Adam Thompson. A show focused fully on real motorsport is in development, with still more room for growth with new partners and talent. In the ITA Motorsport Podcast Network, there is no competition–only family. 


The 3rd Annual MAD Sim Racing Christmas Party will take place on Friday, December 16, starting at 8PM EST. Sessions will be hosted among our European friends during peak hours in those time zones as well – join and check the Holiday Party channels in the MAD Sim Racing Discord for the lively discussion of session creating and planning. The first MSR Christmas Party in December, 2020, brought many together virtually in a time of pandemic. For a moment, we still are excited to come together as enthusiasts from around the world for an evening to have a great time and do some fun racing.


Adding to the hype of the December 16th Christmas Party will be the release of the 2023 MAD Sim Racing Liveries in both Road and Oval cars. Team designer and marketing consultant Alan Parris has worked for some time on the 2023 design, a fully in-house effort this year, and we expect the community will be quite pleased with the results!

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