Virtual To Real: Karting in 2023

Motorsport enthusiasts, especially those drawn long-term to iRacing, will never stop the search for greater immersion and experience – the drive to compete gets a reasonable outlet for more people through the simulation. That is where a core group of virtual drivers have come together for over two years now, with visits to world famous North American road circuits to see the lay of the land in between. It is only natural to want more – and in 2023, more is what is on tap.

ITA Podcast followers know that a day of coaching and testing with Pro Kart Concepts at Pitt Race happened earlier this summer, plus a few sessions at the GoPro Motorplex in North Carolina. Endurance Karting then caught the eye of the community. The vision is now set, and The Into The Apex Karting Team will compete in 2023. Based in the United States, individuals from around North America will begin preparing physically and mentally to take on endurance karting events up to 24 hours in duration. There is much to learn, much work to do; it won’t be easy, and the development will not be instant, as all sim racers well know.

Stay tuned for more announcements as the team and 2023 plan is built in full – for those interested in being a part of the journey – contact us!

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