MAD Sim Racing Team Opens Recruitment

For the first time in many months, MAD Sim Racing is pleased to announce the re-opening of team member recruitment. Sim racers from North America, Europe, Australia, and South America have come together over the past several years to build a multi-car entry list in not only iRacing special events, but in premier leagues and series around the iRacing space. The global cooperation has expanded each driver beyond themselves, and built lifelong friendships that have carried over to the real race course, with many team members coming together at major racing events. Now, that group seeks to bring on board a new class of sim racers with the same outlook: to enjoy this shared interest, to compete and improve, to help one another–to have fun. 

Surrounding this core of drivers is an active motorsport community, with a near-constant flurry of activity preparing and scheduling for iRacing special events, league events, and so on. Beyond that, MAD Sim Racing hosts its own road racing league on Monday nights that is its own force to be reckoned with; as well as hosting occasional special racing events that bring team members together with other sim racing teams. Finally, The Into The Apex Podcast is hosted by the team founders, and includes frequent trips to racing events, where team members have held meet-ups and enhanced the motorsport experience.

What is the process to become a full MAD Sim Racing Team Member?

First, complete an application. Near the bottom, a drop-down menu will allow drivers to select a scouting session to choose from. These sessions will be short (30 minutes to an hour at most) testing sessions at which at least one MAD Sim Racing staff member will be present. Session information will be e-mailed or messaged via Discord. These sessions are simple: show up and drive, have a chat and ask any questions! 

Next, ensure you have joined the MAD Sim Racing Discord and that your iRacing name matches your username. 

Once on Discord, a brand-new Discord member will visit the #faq-and-rules page, and select the role of “Rookie” – this shows interest, along with the application submitted, in joining the team. For drivers seeking to join the Endurance Team, then visit the #endurance-vetting channel and review it. Next stop is #endurance-introduction, where prospective drivers can introduce themselves to the entire team. 

From here, you will attend your scheduled scouting session, and hear back from the team quickly afterwards. Drivers who progress will enter the all-new tier system within the Endurance Program. 

Endurance Team Tier System

Bronze – This is a probationary period; drivers will remain Bronze until they have been a team member for 6 months AND have at least 3 endurance finishes; these can be any of the 3HR IMSA Official Races, EES, special events, or hosted special events. Note that the car must finish the event to be a finish!

Silver – Drivers at this tier have met the Bronze conditions and advanced. Drivers will remain Silver for another 6 months, and have 6 event finishes.

Gold – Drivers at this tier have been team members for one year (Bronze to Silver) with 6 event finishes.

Platinum – Drivers at this tier have been members for two years and 12 event finishes.

Diamond – Drivers at this final tier have been team members for five years with 24 finishes achieve this most senior status within the team ranks.

The tier system supports an active racing community, while also recognizing race craft and safe driving in a multi-driver team racing system such as Endurance Racing. The objective is to encourage progression through reasonable driving, so that all drivers entered in events get to drive as clean a car as possible, and compete.

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