Indy 8 Preview

A New GT Team Proving Ground.

Details for The Indy 8, an 8 hour endurance race at virtual Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road Course, are continuing to be released! The event will take place in October, 2022, hosted by MAD Sim Racing, and Presented By The Into The Apex Podcast. The event is inspired by the real Indianapolis 8 Hours Intercontinental GT Challenge event. Here are the key details for sim racing teams placing this event on their radar.

The Cars of Choice

The Indy 8 will be multi-class, featuring GT3 with the option of Mercedes, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, or BMW; and GT4 with the option of Mercedes, Porsche, or Aston Martin. One thing to note is that for this event, the class selection does not strictly designate “Pro” or “Am” – teams and their drivers are open to choose precisely the car they desire, in either class. The bottom line for this special event is to prepare as a team, and bring your absolute best. It’s an all-out competition.

The Event Facts

Registration opens September 1st.

MAD Sim Racing will host practices per a pre-released session schedule regularly for two weeks leading into the event.

The race session will open at 2PM EST on Saturday, October 15; there will be a one hour final practice, into a 15 minute open qualifying, and then gridding for the 8 Hours.

The time of start will be Sunrise. Weather will be random. No fast repairs. Incident limit before penalty will be 50X.

The Buildup

Indianapolis Motor Speedway has become a home away from home for MAD Sim Racing’s Into The Apex Podcast, so there is no better event to become our offering to the iRacing world than this. We, along with all iRacers, know that the service scanned IMS and will likely release an updated version at any time. We eagerly anticipate and there is always the possibility that it comes prior to the event! In either case, there will be nothing like a full field of GT cars storming down the long straight of IMS, breath held into the tight turn 1, and back around past the Pagoda for eight hours.

Stay tuned and Subscribe to MAD Sim Racing Media for updates! For those interested in partnership opportunities around this event, please Contact Us

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