The fight for 4.

In the last 3 special events, 3 victories.

Let’s get back to racing. The MAD Sim Racing Endurance Program on iRacing is back in action this weekend for the Sebring 12 Hours. The potential to maintain a streak of Special Event victories is on the line, as MSR Endurance driver combinations have brought the team at least one win in the last three consecutive events – Suzuka 10HR, Daytona 24, and Bathurst 12. The Porsche GTD has special attention by the team, with multiple entries in the car. Bradley Beamon, Tyler Beamon, and Hunter Reeve will co-drive a special Operation Motorsport Porsche for the 12HRs – Bruce Perry, Patrick Stein, and Robert Gregoire will co-drive their own respective team Porsche, with Alan Parris, Alex Othon, and Chris Daniel rounding off the manufacturer. Recent special event winners Justin Rector, Steven Hatter, and Axel Bijker will co-drive the lone Lamborghini GTD; and Andy Malinowski, Rodger Schank, and a possible third driver TBD will share a BMW GTD. Lucas Ahlberg and Ken TK Leung will join together for the Ferrari GTD. Andrew Kotska, Cody Richardson, and Joe Varvel will drive the team’s only LMP2 entry in the Prototype Class, looking to bring home an overall race victory.

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