The Indy 8.

In October, 2021, The Into The Apex Podcast traveled to Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the third time of the year, then for the Intercontinental GT World Challenge Indianapolis 8 Hours. What the team found on site was a festival weekend of sports car racing, and a wonderful experience. The lingering impression from the real world event was that it would make an excellent special event in the sim. Currently iRacing hosts an official virtual Bathurst and Spa endurance event mimicking the real world counterpart series, but nothing visits the Indianapolis Road Course. With the anticipation of a release of the known re-scan of Indianapolis on iRacing, which likely will include the new road course configuration, sometime this year – we now set out to host the event ourselves. Coming in October, 2022, one week after the real world Indianapolis 8 Hours, MAD Sim Racing Series Racing Presents: The Indy 8. Interested in getting updates as the event comes together this year? Visit the page under Series Racing on the menu bar, and sign up for e-mail updates!

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